AGRIFUTURΞ: Real-time detection of agricultural pathogens!

Detect and identify agricultural pathogens rapidly using nanopore-based sequencing!

The AGRIFUTURΞ website provides a free, web-based and real-time sequence analysis and pathogen detection service. Just download the desktop agent here and register an account to upload raw fast5 or fastq data from your ongoing sequencing project.

For more information see the installation instuctions and user manual.

Your pathogen of interest is not present in the database? Upload your own genome assembly now to extent the target database.


Identify plant pathogens within a few hours

Collect an infected plant sample, purify the DNA and sequence a DNA library. Connect the AGRIFUTURΞ desktop agent with the ongoing sequencing run and check your analysis in real-time.

No prior knowledge of plant pathogens required

The AGRIFUTURΞ pipeline compares DNA sequences against a curated database of bacterial, fungal and oomycete pathogen genomes(link!). Quality filtering of alignments enables accurate match results.

Alternatively, use the AGRIFUTURΞ pipeline to compare your sequences against the NCBI nt database to get an overview of all organisms present in your sample.

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The AGRIFUTURΞ pipeline and cloud-based analysis are a free, non-profit service of the Senckenberg Nature Research Society. Please use the contact form for any inquiries.