Installation instructions

System reqirements

Before you download the AGRIFUTURE Desktop Agent (DA), please check the following system requirements:


You can download the desktop agent on:
Please choose the appropriate package for your system under "Assets":

  • the “.deb” file for all Debian based systems (like Linux Ubuntu, Mint usw.)
  • the “.dmg” file for macOS
  • the “.exe” file for Windows
  • the “.zip” or “.tar.gz” if you want to install the DA from the source code (not recommended)


Linux (Debian based)

On many distribution you can simply open the downloaded file and install the package by following the instructions. Otherwise, you can install it manually: Open a terminal, move to the folder the download file is located and type sudo dpkg -i AgrifutureDesktopAgent.deb


Simply open the dmg file and move the App “AgrifutureDesktopAgent” to the Applications folder. When opening the first time, macOS will tell you that it cannot open the app due to security reasons. If so, open the Applications folder in finder, right-click on the app and click open. You will now have the option to open the app. A terminal will open, and you will then be asked to give permissions to “bash”. Please confirm this.


Run the .exe file. Windows may prevent the execution. Click on “More info” and then on "Run anyway" .

After that please allow the installer to execute. Now the DA installer opens. You may choose a different install folder or proceed with the default one. Now please click "Install".

A terminal window will open. Please wait until all processes are completed. The terminal window will close automatically afterwards. The installer will ask you to restart your computer, please confirm this action.

After the reboot, please wait a moment until the installer starts again. You have to allow the installer to execute again. Please click Install in the installer again. A series of terminal windows will open, which will automatically install the dependencies. This may take a few minutes. You will be prompted to restart again. Confirm this.

After that please wait again, allow the installer to execute and click on Install in the installer. Another terminal window will open. Please wait until all processes are completed. The terminal will close automatically after finishing the processes. Click now on Close in the installer. You have now installed all required dependencies.

Start the “Docker Desktop” application and navigate to "settings".

Go to “General” and activate the options “Start Docker Desktop when you log in” and “Use the WSL 2 based engine” as shown in the image.

Then navigate to “Resources” → “WSL Integration” and activate the option “Enable integration with my default WSL distro” and enable the distro “Ubuntu”. You can now search for the “AgrifutureDesktopAgent” app and open it.

Linux (from source code)

Firstly, you need to replace all mentions of the string {{ ADA_VERSION }} in the following files with the current version string (for example: 1.0.0):

  • src/launcher/
  • src/launcher/debian/AgrifutureDesktopAgent/agrifuture-desktop-agent.desktop

Afterwards, you need to install the following files to corrosponding locations:

  •  src/launcher/ towards a location in your $PATH. Commonly, /usr/local/bin would be used for such purposes. Make sure that the installed file is executable.
  • src/launcher/debian/AgrifutureDesktopAgent/agrifuture-desktop-agent.desktop towards a location for Desktop entries. Usually, they must be palced into $XDG_DATA_DIRS/applications. A typical path would be /usr/local/share/applications.
  • src/launcher/debian/AgrifutureDesktopAgent/agrifuture-desktop-agent.png towards a location used to locate icons for desktio icons. They must often be stored in $XDG_DATA_DIRS/pixmaps. A good example would be /usr/local/share/pixmaps.

A complete installation may look as following:

  • export VERSION=1.0.0 # Please adjust
  • cd src/launcher
  • sed -i "s/{{ ADA_VERSION }}/$VERSION/g" ./
  • sed -i "s/{{ ADA_VERSION }}/$VERSION/g" ./debian/AgrifutureDesktopAgent/agrifuture-desktop-agent.desktop
  • sudo install -DT ./ /usr/local/bin/agrifuture-desktop-agent
  • sudo install -Dm 644 -t /usr/share/applications ./debian/AgrifutureDesktopAgent/agrifuture-desktop-agent.desktop
  • sudo install -Dm 644 -t /usr/share/pixmaps ./debian/AgrifutureDesktopAgent/agrifuture-desktop-agent.png