User manual

To launch an analysis:
  1. Register or sign in to your AGRIFUTURΞ account.
  2. Connect the desktop agent to your AGRIFUTURΞ account using the “Connect User Account” button in the top right corner of the agent.
  3. Start a nanopore-based sequencing run according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Launch an analysis in the desktop agent.
  5. Provide a title for your analysis and additional information on your sample and data format.
  6. Point the desktop agent towards the output folder of passed FAST5 or FASTQ files of your sequencing run (e.g. /data/nanopore_run/sample/fast5_pass/ or /data/nanopore_run/sample/fastq_pass/).
  7. Choose the reference database "Pathogen DB" to receive a taxonomic assignment against a list of selected plant pathogens. Choose "NCBI nt DB" to get a general overview of the taxonomic profile in your sample.
  8. Increase the value for "Min quality score" and "Min sequence length" to increase the specificity of the results (in exchange for sensitivity).
  9. Launch the analysis.

Your results will be displayed in your AGRIFUTURΞ account under the Analyses tab and will continuously be updated while your sequencing run progresses.

Real-time analyses are currently limited to 72 hours. You can finish your analysis by clicking the “Finish” button in the desktop agent. By clicking "Cancel", your analysis will be terminated and all results lost.

For further questions, please read the FAQ or send us a query using the contact form.

Add pathogen genomes to the database:
  1. Register or sign in to your AGRIFUTURΞ account.
  2. Click on the "Add pathogen genome"  button.
  3. Use the form to add a genome in FASTA format and provide supporting information.

Your genome will be checked for correct species designation and contaminants before being added to the list of pathogens in the database.